Until the panther tells
his side of the story,
the tale of the hunt
will always glorify
the hunter.

Stories of
of Color

Panthertainment produces film and series content with a focus on POC stories for the global marketplace.

as normality

Through stories in which diversity is shown to be the norm, Panthertainment showcases alternative perspectives to the prevailing eurocentric narrative in the media world.

Changing the world,
one story at a time

  • Black Saxon

    »The city is black and- like deadtired birds people are falling out of heavens …«

    Black Saxon


    Black Saxon is the unbelievable yet true story of the first black policemen in East Germany, whose career took a turn from dedicated citizen to wanted felon. When Sam ends up behind bars, for the first time in his life, he can no longer run away from his demons. Neither from those who try to assert their agendas upon him, nor from his lifelong inner conflict with himself and his relationship with the society he strived, often in vain, to be a part of. Did his short-lived notoriety as the figurehead of German coexistence give rise to him becoming enemy of the state or was this fall inevitable?

  • Der Park

    Der Park


    Markus Meier, an aspiring politician within the left-wing party unwittingly kills a young African drug dealer in self-defense. This secret crime fuels the flames of an already blazing political fire in both Berlin and greater Germany. Nevertheless, Markus’ career grows in the shadow of this volatile and torturous situation, as his conscience drives him deeper and deeper into a mental swamp of darkness.

  • The Break

    “Life is like surfing…wait for the moment, paddle hard, stand up if you can and ride the wave of your life”

    The Break


    The Break is the story of a young German woman on the run through Central America. In order to ride the wave of life, she must empower herself through self-love and face the demons of her past. Through contact with the various people she meets on her journey, she learns of life from different perspectives.

  • Rip Tide

    Rip Tide

    Feature Film

    Rip Tide is the story of an Afro-German doctor who is saved at sea by an African refugee ship after a surf accident. After the ship is picked up by the Spanish Coast Guard, the doctor is considered one of the refugees and ultimately left at sea in a less-than-sea-worthy boat that capsizes. Along with the only other survivor, he washes up on the shores of Morocco to begin a deadly journey back to Europe.

  • Landless

    “Let's just say that history dealt us a bad hand -
    Should we just accept it?
    Or should we take back what was once ours?!”


    Feature Film

    At a 'get-away' film shoot in Namibia, an Afro-German lead actor befriends a local crew member and gets an insider view into the racist tenets of those who continue to hold power over the country. After he himself becomes the victim of a racist assault, it unintentionally triggers a revolution that will turn the film's shooting location into the epicenter of action.

    Let the upheaval begin.

  • Finally German

    »How much do black lives matter?«
    The art of becoming part of society!

    Finally German


    In "Finally German", we accompany Tyron Ricketts as he formally attempts to be a German citizen. At the same time, we investigate whether or not dark skin is considered foreign in the German media landscape, and would a German passport really be enough to help this, even in 2018?

  • Onetake

    A Web Talkshow with music and love
    for “Grown Ups”


    Online Show

    Onetake is an online talk show in which Mic Donet and Tyron Ricketts look their guests straight into the heart with profound questions and nonsensical music games.

    Ultimately, Onetake is an online talk show for young adults.

  • The Gesamtschau

    "A disparaging view on the 19th century and
    a manual for digitization"

    The Gesamtschau

    Online Show

    “The Gesamtschau” is a 3-5 minute Youtube series where digital philosopher Alexander Markowetz explains the digital world… yes, the WHOLE DIGITAL WORLD!



Tyron Ricketts is the Founder and Managing Director of Panthertainment.

With 60 entries at ImdB, Tyron is the most successful black actor in Germany. After producing and hosted the hip-hop programme “Word Cup” on Viva TV from 1995 to 2000, he began to combine entertainment and political messaging with short film projects such as “Afrodeutsch” (Sundance) and the transnational anti-racism music project Brothers Keepers. With the group Mellowbag, Tyron achieved chart-topping success as a musician with the album “Weltenreiter”. He continued his career as an actor with movies like “Bunte Hunde” and “Kanack Attack”. He also acted in numerous TV series, including “Soko Leipzig”, “Dogs of Berlin”, and “Die Inselärztin”. For the German government, he implemented integration programmes such as Respekt 2010 and Heimat Almanya. Tyron moved to New York in 2015 and conceived social media strategies against racism for Harry Belafonte. Tyron returned to Germany in 2017. Based in Berlin, he produces films and series with a focus on People of Color for the global market.

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